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Reinvent your digital core with the right strategy, talent and modern practices to drive agility, increase ROI, and redirect spend to innovations that drive growth.

Making informed decisions about software strategy and investments is more crucial now than ever. In today's software-driven economy, many companies, whether originally technology-based or not, rely heavily on software for differentiation and value.

I assist companies in tackling their most difficult challenges. This includes identifying investment opportunities and assessing risks from commercial, product, technology, and R&D perspectives through due diligence and value creation services. My expertise spans from developing growth strategies to implementing significant technological changes and enhancing R&D organizational effectiveness.

Hey there, I'm Josh

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For 15 years I ran Codelation, a custom software and app development firm located in Fargo, ND. In 2023 we were named the top Software Developer, App Developer, Web Developer, Design, and User Experience company in North Dakota.

I have been in the technology space for the last 30 years and currently serving in the ND Legislature focusing on technology and workforce policy. I understand the technology of today, the business requirements that drive them, and how to operate in small and large organizations.

Areas of Expertise

  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Technology Roadmap Development
  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Technology Assessments and Audits
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • Project Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Software Implementation and Deployment
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • IT Risk Management
  • Compliance and Regulatory Consulting
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Interim CTO/CIO Services
  • Technical Leadership and Mentorship
  • Scalability Planning and Solutions

Case Study

Developing Digital SaaS Technology for a $4B HVAC and Home Automation Enterprise

The Challenge

The company identified an opportunity to enhance services for their distributors and vendors but lacked the internal expertise to bring the idea to fruition.

The Solution

I contributed to the development of the technical roadmap and strategy, ensuring seamless integration with their existing shipping logistics and CRM systems. This involved coordinating with development teams both in the US and India. Additionally, this project marked the company's first venture into direct-to-consumer sales and training.

The Outcome

The company successfully created a new revenue stream and improved service for distributors and vendors, all without increasing headcount or adding new systems for the team to manage.

Case Study

Creating a Startup That is Connecting Audiences and  Amplifying Engagement

The Challenge

An internationally-recognized marketing leader asked my company to develop an app for his followers that would increase subscribers using a simple web push notification. The native browser technology that exists would block the site from asking you if you wanted to be notified after the first time you said no.

The Solution

I developed the technical roadmap and software integration strategy to bring this product to market. By developing the solution with current web technologies the owner of the website is able to write rules for how often to ask the visitor to subscribe to the push notifications.

The Outcome

The new company successfully launched the product and rapidly captured a large user base, establishing a new revenue stream that did not previously exist.

How Software Strategy Can Help

Clarify Your Business Intent with Confidence

Are you at the starting point of your business journey, unsure of the steps you need to take or who to trust? I specialize in providing clarity and certainty for your business initiatives. I work closely with you to understand your vision, offering clear, actionable paths to achieve your goals. With my expert guidance, you'll have the confidence to move forward, knowing that you're making informed decisions every step of the way. 

Validate Your Technical Strategy with Precision

Transitioning from strategy to implementation can be daunting, especially when you're uncertain about the technical solutions being proposed. Are you unsure if the options presented are the right fit or the best approach for your business? I offer a thorough evaluation of your technical strategies, ensuring that they are appropriately sized and tailored to your specific needs. My expertise ensures that your business leverages the right technology, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. 

Optimize Your Operations with a Trusted Audit  

Already in the midst of implementation but not seeing the results you expected? It's time for a trusted audit. A comprehensive audit delves into your current operations, identifying gaps and areas for improvement. We provide an unbiased, expert assessment of your processes, helping you realign with your business objectives and achieve the outcomes you desire. Trust me to optimize your operations and drive your business forward.

Prepare Your Company for a Profitable Sale

Selling your business is a significant milestone, and ensuring you get the best possible price is crucial. One of the key factors in achieving this is demonstrating that your software and digital strategy are secure and robust. I'll help you in preparing your company for a profitable sale by enhancing the security and effectiveness of your digital assets.

Recent client challenges that I've answered

  • Video Streaming Company: What options are there when looking to develop a direct to consumer video platform (OTT)? 
  • SaaS Company: How do we build out the infrastructure to do affiliate sales without adding additional staff?
  • Media Company: How do we think about transferring tens of thousands of articles on multiple sites into a new platform and keep SEO in tact?
  • eCommerce Company: How do we look at hiring internal technology team members to best support our growth?

What does a typical engagement look like?


My consulting engagements can range from a single day to several weeks, depending on the complexity and scope of the problem at hand. Whether you need a quick, one-day workshop to address a specific issue or a more extended collaboration to implement strategic changes, I am flexible and committed to providing the support you need for as long as it takes to achieve your goals.


The nature of our engagement will vary based on your unique needs and circumstances. Here's how we might work together:

  • Problem Identification and Analysis: I will start by understanding the challenges you are facing. This could involve discussions with your leadership team, reviewing existing processes, and analyzing current data.
  • Collaborative Solutions: Depending on the problem, I work directly with your existing team to develop and implement solutions. If the situation requires additional expertise, I have a deep roster of other trusted vendors to bring into the conversation to ensure we have all the necessary skills and knowledge at our disposal.
  • Implementation and Follow-up: After developing a tailored solution, I am able to assist in the implementation phase to ensure the changes are effectively integrated into your organization. I also provide follow-up sessions to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.


The cost of my services depends on the complexity and duration of the engagement. I offer flexible billing options to accommodate different needs:

  • Daily Rate: Ideal for short-term engagements or initial consultations.
  • Weekly Rate: Suitable for longer projects that require sustained effort over several weeks.

During our initial consultation, I will provide a detailed estimate based on your specific requirements, ensuring transparency and no surprises.

Want to find out how software strategy consulting can help your business?

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    Whenever I need guidance on navigating the complexities of managing a digital agency, Josh is my go-to expert. He possesses a deep knowledge that's like having an insider's guide, making every decision and challenge feel more manageable. If you're in the digital game and want someone with a wealth of expertise, Josh is the secret weapon.


    Michael Quinn

    Founder - Marketer Medley & My Site Ranked

    Josh has served as a steadfast resource for us ever since starting our business in 2016.  In addition to being a valued business colleague, Josh has also become a trusted friend. When we face tough choices, Josh is our go-to resource for unbiased, friendly feedback to help further our business goals while ensuring we stay true to our mission.


    Matthew Chaussee

    CEO - Career View XR & Be More Colorful

    Josh effortlessly combines deep people understanding with sharp business acumen. Josh is not just a business ally but a trusted partner, bringing a unique perspective every time we talk. If you want someone who gets both the human and business sides, Josh is the ideal collaborator.


    Jodee Bock

    CEO -

    Working with Josh has been a game-changer for me! He’s not just a coach; he’s a superhero. He has helped me conquer obstacles and turn challenges into golden opportunities. If you're ready to level up and finally enjoy the journey, Josh is your go-to coach. I can't thank him enough for his advice!


    Brian Larry

    CEO & Founder - ConnectLabs