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September 10, 2023
Building Awesome Partnerships for Your Digital Agency
Discover effective strategies and insights for building strong partnerships that enhance the success and growth of your digital agency.
August 10, 2023
 Fixed Fee vs. Time and Materials: Choosing the Right Billing Model for Your Project
Navigate the decision between fixed fee and time and materials billing models, selecting the ideal approach for your project's financial and operational success.
July 12, 2023
Creating a Jargon-Busting Presentation
Learn how to craft a jargon-busting presentation, ensuring your message is accessible and engaging, free from confusing industry terminology.
June 10, 2023
Lost in Translation: The Challenge of Industry Jargon in Sales
Uncover the challenges posed by industry jargon in the sales world, highlighting the importance of clear communication and overcoming misunderstandings.
May 12, 2023
My Journey with Relational Leadership in Business
Exploring the transformative journey of embracing relational leadership in the world of business, unlocking powerful insights for personal and professional growth.
April 12, 2023
Mastering the Art of Sales: Tips for Success
Discover essential tips for success in the art of sales, equipping you with strategies to excel in this dynamic and competitive field.