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Passive revenue is a myth

What I've Learned About Passive Revenue

Last Updated On June 8, 2017

Anyone that has had a service based consultancy for long enough has chased the idea of passive revenue. Not having to ‘start from zero’ financially every month is an amazing feeling which allows you to sleep better at night.

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Mike wilson 188132

How To Price Your Consulting Services

Last Updated On March 6, 2017

I remember planning to leave my day job back in 2008. My soon to be wife and I had decided that I was going to step away from my full-time job and pursue my consulting work that had begun to take more and more of my nights and weekends.

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Ask more questions

A Cautionary Tale of Carelessness and Ignorance

Last Updated On January 26, 2017

The core of everything we do is to manage expectations. Imagine if everyone is on the same page with what it will cost, how long it will take, and who needs to do what. What is left to do at that point? I’ll tell you, just get the work done. It’s not rocket science.

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I don't want to

I Don't Want To, And It's My Fault

Last Updated On January 23, 2017

I’m sure we’ve all been there, you start with good intentions to help out. You say to yourself, “This isn’t how we typically do it, but just this once.”

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Welcome to 2017

New Years Goals, Planning, and Action

Last Updated On January 12, 2017

Even after eight years I still struggle with the transition from planning to doing. Two things have helped me break through planning paralysis: 1 - Do one focused thing every single day to grow my business. 2 - Find a community of like-minded people to help drive me forward.

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