Welcome to 2017

New Years Goals, Planning, and Action

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Here we are, 2017 is in full swing.

Most of us have set some lofty goals for the new year.

I want to lose weight…

I want to get up earlier…

I want to grow my business….

But how many of us turn that desire into action?

Even after eight years I still struggle with the transition from planning to doing. Two things have helped me break through planning paralysis:

  1. Do one focused thing every single day to grow my business.

  2. Find a community of like-minded people to help drive me forward.

Do One Thing Each Day

So how do you know what to do each day/week to get your business moving? It boils down to having a strong process in place of knowing where you are going.

We currently have two big goals for the first quarter of 2017.

  1. We are working towards 75% retainer clients for our consulting business.

  2. Growing JoshChristy.com from 0 to $15k/mo in recurring revenue.

How will we get there? We set daily tasks to help hit our quarterly goals.

For the consulting business, (codelation.com) I am meeting with at least three people each week for coffee or lunch. These would be people that we’ve done work with in the past to see if there ways that we can work together again. We are also sending emails to another five people that we haven’t done work with in the past but would like to.

For JoshChristy.com we are publishing at least one blog post each week and repurposing the content on Medium.com, LinkedIn, and writing for the FargoINC! Magazine. Content generation is a bit of a slow play as it will take some time to grow readership. But it is great for brand awareness.

Now your goals will vary depending on where you are at in your process. But the basis is the same, schedule one thing every single day that is first on your to-do list and nothing else gets done before it. Give it at least 30 days to see if it is providing any fruit.

Too many people quit too soon. That’s why you need a community to help you keep going.

Find a Community

I’ve been fortunate to be connected to other entrepreneurs that are in similar places as where we are. If nothing else it is a great resource to get together for 30 min and just ask questions to help know that I’m looking at things correctly.

I almost treat it as therapy and a kick in the pants to get out there and get going again.

The truth is that not many other people get it. What it takes to be an entrepreneur or business owner. Your spouse is there to support you, but can’t help answer that business process question. Your parents encourage you, but secretly might want you to go get a “real” job.

Over the last year, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails asking if I could get together to meet for 30 minutes so they could “pick my brain” on a new idea they have or to get feedback on how to handle their situation.

Some people know what they need to do, they just need permission. Others need to be pointed in the right direction and given some resources.

I spent the last few weeks thinking about how I can amplify these meetings and help more people start and grow in 2017.

What I came to was, what if I could take what has been so helpful to me with my network and find a way to give that back to those that don’t have that resource.

The result of this brainstorming is what we are calling the Startup Journey (TSJ). As a member of the TSJ community you’ll get:

  • Two video sessions where I’ll be answering questions submitted by you, the TSJ community. They could be website critiques, marketing reviews, business model evaluations; you name it. You get to ask me any question you want, and I’ll produce the answer for you and the rest of the membership.
  • A monthly webinar with one of my experts on various topics, from building your business, branding, technology workflows. You tell us what you want to see and we’ll make it happen.
  • And the most valuable new addition which is something I’ve never done before… A monthly look at my business as I grow it. I’m going to give you a summary of everything I’m doing to grow JoshChristy.com and TSJ. How I’m getting my traffic, what problems I ran into, and even what the revenues, expenses, and profits were that month. You’ll get to look over my shoulder, see the numbers, and watch me build this company from scratch.
  • A free bonus of access to our private Facebook Group to be able to learn from others that are just starting and those that have been there. It is a great resource to be able to start a conversation and find out what is working for another company or even better, what isn’t working for them.

Check out the full details at The Startup Journey. We’re running a HUGE $1.97 intro promo until 5 pm on Friday, January 20th. After that, we’ll close down the program and increase the rate by at least double.

Invest in yourself this year. Your future self (and career) is depending on you.