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Enough planning, start doing

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Ok, this post is as much for me as it is for anyone else. I’m working on getting going on some video content and I found myself this morning flipping through after effect files on VideoHive. I’ve been telling my friends and clients that are working on starting something that planning is great, but stop at some point and start doing, get yourself out of planning paralysis. I was giving the advice but not listening to it myself, now granted it was just 30 min or so, but I’ve been putting off doing because of some reason.

I think it is the fear that if I really put myself out there and it doesn’t work, it might be a failure, I’m not sure. If we are in search of perfection we’ll never know if it has any value to anyone. I need this myself as much as some of you out there.

So for all you planners out there, stop, just stop. Get out there, you need to test something, fall down, get up, and learn. Just start doing. Now I’m not saying blindly rush out into the middle of the street, you’ll get hit by a car. But at some point, we need to stop pondering and reading and listening and get out and do. Yes, I feel the irony of that statement as I am writing this article.

You don’t need to a/b test that button.

Your business card isn’t ready, so what.

You don’t have the perfect lighting setup for your video. Who cares.

Do you feel like you’ve been working for a while and aren’t getting anywhere? Get a plan for first thing tomorrow am to get out and take action. Need a new client, get 5 lined up to call tomorrow. If you spend all your effort planning on the right way to script your sales call and realize that you can’t even get anyone on the phone, what’s the point? Try something, test, learn, iterate, improve.

If you aren’t quite there yet and are still trying to figure things out. Put a date on the calendar as your action date. Planning is great, just don’t get paralyzed by it. Your future self will thank you. I know I will.

Now get out there and do and let me know how I can help you get there!