The Alpha Business Blueprint Giveaway

Hi I'm Josh, I've spent the last 8 years trying to figure out how to start, build, and grow my business. The one thing I've found is that it is far too easy to get stuck in planning mode. You could spend a lifetime trying to sift through and digest all the blog posts, podcasts, guides, and case studies that exist online about starting a business — or you could start taking action today.

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The Rewards

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Start A Consultancy eBook
This book is the lessons learned from 8 years of starting, building and growing a small software consultancy ( This is the how-to, practical advice that I wish someone would have given to me when I was first getting started. About to get married and I getting ready to leave a well paying, fully benefitted position as a software developer to jump into the world of entrepreneurship. Learn what to pay attention to when first starting out and what is really not that important.
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Our Software Tools
See how we connect all of the software tools we use at Codelation and are able to take a project from a cold lead, generate legal documents, manage the project, and issue invoices and collect. You'll get a pdf of our entire business processes and how we use the right cloud based software to make sure that our projects stay on track and budget. The combination of cloud software and business process easily saves our team dozens of hours each week!
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Business Blueprint T-Shirt
Get a super soft Canvas unisex tri-blend short sleeve tee from our friends at We have sizes from small to 3XL available. Not much else to say, its a great shirt!
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100 Free MOO Business Cards
Our design team will customize you a business card to fit your brand and get 100 of them printed from our friends at Plus you get the source files so you can re-order when you need to and customize for the rest of your team.
50 referrals needed
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6 Months Free Coaching
Whether you are just starting out or your company has been around for a while and looking to take things to the next level, I've been there. We've had some great success, as well as some pretty low points. We've started a few products, some worked, some failed. In all this time I've come to believe that you need a plan and someone to help encourage you when you hit those low points, let me help you for the next 6 months!
70 referrals needed
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Beginning Business Bundle
This is the big deal. The beginning business bundle includes everything you'd need to start your new business with a bang. A 5 page brochure website from our design team, a brand guide, new logo mark, social assets for all of your social media campaigns, an email account setup at Google, first year of your website domain registration and free hosting for the year. We typically charge over $10k for a product like this, so hurry up!
95 referrals needed